Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Getting Started

Hi all!

So, did everyone browse through the book make it through day 1?

Just at a glance what are your thoughts about what this journey is going to be like.

I will be honest, I have had this book for a while so I have made it through day 7.

It was boring to me.

Thats why I thought it would be for fun to do as a group.

What do you think?



  1. Yea, day 2 so far. Quite less than I was expecting... but I'm hoping it gets more challenging!

  2. I thought it was strange on day 1 that they wanted you to do the same statement twice. I'm hoping it picks up too!

  3. I agree y'all. But looking through the table of contents it seems that things seem to pick up more in a bit. The beginning is hopefully just setting the building blocks.

  4. I guess I was expecting something a little more impacting to set the stage at the beginning.

    I do agree that the table of contents looks interesting and I'm looking forward to getting to those sections of the book.


  5. Mine just came in the mail. I dislike feeling so behind!

  6. I'm behind as well!! I have it on my Kindle, but I left town on Monday and won't get back til Thursday and I forgot my Kindle! So... I will have to catch up when I get back!