Monday, August 9, 2010


Okay, so no one has really posted anything since last week, and I know everyone said the info wasn't all that great for the first week, but I only got through the intro and part of the first day.

Yes, that's my confession.

I am starting over today.

If I can get through it and then maybe catch up, I hope to be up to date with everyone else.

Does it look like your second week will start off better than the first?


  1. Didn't post who I was...sorry!!! It was me...Mama K!!!

  2. I a little behind too after being gone this weekend. I'm hoping this week goes better!

  3. I'm where you are actually, still trying to make it through week 1. I'm playing catch up now and hoping I'll be where everyone else it. I want to be deligent with this going into football season!

  4. My internet has been down but I don't think I am far behind...which is good to know!

  5. Is anyone still reading the book? I am starting on week 3 today and so far I am having trouble sticking to reading daily and following everything in the book!